Vision and Beliefs

At Altona P - 9 College, our students are at the centre of everything we do and say. We believe our fundamental purpose is to enable all students to reach their potential. By knowing our students as individuals and fostering strong relationships, we are able to achieve excellent learning outcomes.

  • We display respect.
    We are polite and considerate of others, respect diversity, use appropriate language and wear our uniform with pride
  • We  learn.
    We set high expectations and strive to gain knowledge, understanding and skills, and do our best. We share our learning with others
  • We care.
    We look after ourselves, our friends and families.

The College has a stated vision to ensure the academic growth of every child across the school.


Our fundamental purpose is to enable each and every student to reach his/her potential in a child and young person centred environment.


Our staff continuously strive to improve student learning outcomes in literacy,  numeracy and elearning because we know these are the foundation for access to further learning and future pathways. We build student agency and voice in their learning and the broader life of the College and their community.


In each of our learning communities, students have access to a range of curriculum and extra-curricular programs reflective of their stage of development.  We truly support their transition through the college from child to young adult and know that they are well prepared to meet the challenge of senior secondary education.