Elevate - Program for Gifted and Talented Students

Elevate students are highly committed to their academic, personal and social achievement.

In this program, students have access to fewer teachers, for longer periods of time. Our experienced and innovative staff will support students to engage in deep, complex learning experiences across multiple aspects of the Victorian Curriculum. Immersed in studies of deep learning, Elevate students are challenged to use deep and logical thinking to solve problems focused on key global issues and contexts. Elevate students play an active role in developing their capacity to learn, consistently obtaining and evaluating evidence of their learning growth. In conjunction with their teachers, students shape future learning tasks and seek and accept feedback offered by their peers and teachers.  


The unique structure of our Elevate program provides accelerated pathways for students as they seek continued success in future education and training endeavours. The integration of Elevate units enables students to develop creativity and to find innovative solutions to problems. The Elevate students are proficient users of technology as they capture, create and communicate their knowledge and ideas to others.


Active and informed, our Elevate students seek to have a positive impact on their peers and local and global community.


Key Information:

Elevate - Year 7's from 2020

Elevate information evening: Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – 6.00pm at Altona College

Elevate entrance exam: Saturday 25th May, 2019 – 9.00 am at Altona College

Register for the Elevate entrance exam here

Entrance examination fee: $82.50 – payable via the Elevate - EduTest registration page.


Please note:

  1. Students who have registered to complete another EduTest entrance exam at other schools will sit the first available test only.
  2. Payment must be made via the EduTest portal for each school that testing data will be supplied to.
  3. Completion of the entrance examination does not guarantee entry, further information about entrance criteria will be provided at the Elevate information evening.